About eWiseTech/了解绎睿
EwiseTech is a high-tech consulting firm with global offices, dedicated to providing in-depth hardware analysis and testing on electronic information ternimals and emerging technology. Mobile phones, tablet PCs and wearable terminials are the technological fields that EwiseTech focuses on.
- Device teardown analysis by EwiseTech delivers a comprehensive understanding of the mobile hardware system and market trend, helping customers in the industries of semiconductor, consumer electronics, communications to gain competitive advantage when designning.
- 绎睿的产品拆解分析服务,剖析产品的硬件系统,揭示市场动态与方向,为半导体、消费电子、通信业的客户提供设计优势。
- Device performance analysis by EwiseTech provides testing data upon customized requests, helping customers in the industries to understand design wins on a specificational level, and inspire innovation to the details.
- 绎睿的产品测试分析服务,应客户需求进行定制测试,帮助产业链中的客户理解指定元部件及结构的设计优势,从而相关产品设计的规格方向,获得竞争优势。
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